About Our Students

Where do IBiS students come from?

What do IBiS students achieve during their graduate training? (Awards and publications)

Where do IBiS PhD graduates go?

Where do IBiS students come from?

Graduate students in the IBiS Program have diverse academic backgrounds and enter the program following undergraduate studies at a broad range of universities from across the United States and abroad. Universities at which recent students completed their undergraduate degrees include:

Arizona State University • Boston University • California Institute of Technology • Grinnell College • Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur • Iowa State University • Johns Hopkins University • Loyola University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) • Moscow State University (MEPhI) • New York University • Ohio State University • Princeton University • Purdue University • Scripps College • Tulane University • Tsinghua University • University of Arizona • University of California - Berkeley • University of California - San Diego • University of California - Santa Barbara • University of Chicago • University of Colorado • University of Iowa • University of Michigan • University of Missouri - Kansas City • University of Pennsylvania • University of Tokyo • University of Washington • University of Wisconsin - Madison • Wellesley College

Where do IBiS PhD graduates go?

The majority of IBiS graduates pursue postdoctoral appointments at major academic institutions or in industry. Recent IBiS PhD recipients hold postdoctoral positions at:

Argonne National Laboratory • Boston University • Brown University • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories • Cornell University - Weill Medical College • Duke University • Elan Pharmaceuticals • EMBL • Harvard University • Johns Hopkins University • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Merck & Co. • The National Institutes of Health • Princeton University • The Salk Institute • University of California ‐ Berkeley • University of California ‐ San Diego • University of California ‐ San Francisco • University of Chicago • University of Michigan  

The rigorous scientific training and career development provided by the program also prepares IBiS students for positions in law, business administration, and public policy, where biomedical expertise is increasingly in demand.