Faculty list

Following is a list of all IBiS Faculty. Please click on a name for more information about that person.

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Ravi Allada, MD: Molecular genetics of circadian rhythms and sleep
Luís Amaral, PhD: Integrative approach to modeling cellular signaling pathways
Guillermo Ameer, PhD: Biomaterials, tissue engineering, and biotechnology
Erik Andersen, PhD: Classical, quantitative, and molecular genetics of conserved pathways that play a role in human disease
Vadim Backman, PhD: Development of novel optical spectral and imaging techniques for non-invasive screening, diagnosis and detection of disease, and characterization of biological and bioengineered tissue
Neda Bagheri, PhD: Computational systems biology and complex regulatory networks, dynamical systems and control theory
Xiaomin Bao, PhD: Epigenomic regulation of stem cell maintenance and differentiation
Joseph Bass, MD PhD: Cell biology of diabetes mellitus
Greg Beitel, PhD: Molecular genetics of organ morphogenesis
Thomas Bozza, PhD: Molecular genetics and physiology of olfaction
Jason Brickner, PhD:
Cell biology of transcription
Linda J. Broadbelt, PhD:
Modeling of complex reacting systems, including synthesis of silicon nanoparticles, formation of ozone in the troposphere, and evolution of biochemical reaction pathways
Jianhua Cang, PhD: Functional development of visual cortex
Richard Carthew, PhD: Quantitative and systems biology
Daniel A. Dombeck, PhD: Optical dissection of the neuronal circuits underlying mammalian navigation
Marco Gallio, PhD: The logic of temperature coding using the fruitfly Drosophila, genetic and molecular dissection of complex circuits and behaviors
Erica Hartmann, PhD: Effect of anthropogenic chemicals on microbes in the environment
Yuan He, PhD: Structure and function of macromolecular machines on genes
Brian Hoffman, PhD: Long-range inter-protein electron transfer
Robert A. Holmgren, PhD: Cell-fate specification during development
Curt Horvath, PhD: Signal transduction and gene regulation in innate immune responses to cancer and viruses
Michael C. Jewett, PhD: Biomolecular engineering, synthetic biology and systems biology
Neha P. Kamat, PhD: Artificial cell/protocell models, membrane biophysics, emergent behaviors from synthetic membranes, membrane stress-sensing
Neil Kelleher, PhD: Top-down proteomics, natural products discovery, chromatic oncobiology, and computational proteomics
William L. Klein, PhD: Molecular basis of Alzheimer's disease
Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, PhD: Synaptic and circuit development in the basal ganglia
Carole LaBonne, PhD: Gene regulatory networks controlling stem cell formation and invasive cell behavior
Laura Lackner, PhD: Spatial organization within cells, using mitochondrial structure and distribution as a model
Robert A. Lamb, PhD: Viral glycoproteins, ion channels, and RNA-binding proteins
Joshua Leonard, PhD: Engineering cellular systems and biomolecules for immunotherapy, synthetic biology, and biotechnology
Robert A. Linsenmeier, PhD: Retinal microenvironment
Shu Q. Liu, PhD: Molecular regenerative engineering for enhancing endothelial cell retention and reducing intimal hyperplasia in arterial substitutes
Julius B. Lucks, PhD: Unraveling the RNA sequence/structure/function code for biology, medicine and biotechnology
Madhav Mani, PhD: The physical biology of organisms
John F. Marko, PhD: Protein-DNA interactions; chromosome structure and dynamics; single-molecule biophysics
Kelly E. Mayo, PhD: Gene regulation in the mammalian neuroendocrine system
David McLean, PhD: Development and plasticity of motor networks
Thomas J. Meade, PhD: Bioinorganic coordination chemistry, biological molecular imaging, transcription factor inhibitors, and electronic biosensors
William M. Miller, PhD: Expansion and controlled differentiation of hematopoietic (blood) stem cells
Chad Mirkin, PhD: Developing methods for controlling the architecture of molecules and materials on the 1 - 100 nm length scale
Alfonso Mondragón, PhD: DNA topoisomerases, catalytic RNA molecules, and the molecular basis of spectrin flexibility
Richard I. Morimoto, PhD: Regulation and function of molecular chaperones
Teri W. Odom, PhD: Controlling the size and shape of noble metals at the nanoscale
Thomas V. O'Halloran, PhD: Metalloregulatory proteins
Christian Petersen, PhD: Molecular and cellular basis of regeneration
Heather Pinkett, PhD: Membrane proteins with emphasis on the structure and function of membrane-embedded transporters and their mechanisms of regulation
Ishwar Radhakrishnan, PhD: Structure and biology of macromolecuar complexes in transcription regulation
Indira Raman, PhD: Neuronal ion channels and synaptic transmission
Amy C. Rosenzweig, PhD: Structural biology and bioinorganic chemistry, metal uptake, transport and storage, oxygen activation by metalloenzymes, biological methane oxidation, membrane protein crystallography
Karl A. Scheidt, PhD: Drug discovery, bioorganic chemistry, and small molecule-driven chemical biology
Tiffany Schmidt, PhD: Understanding visual circuits using electrophysiology, behavior, and anatomy in mouse models
David Schwab, PhD: Theoretical biological physics, collective computation in cell populations and neural networks, modeling of cellular sensory and signaling networks, neural information processing, learning and adaptation
Evan A. Scott, PhD: Development of immunoengineering tools that can collectively enhance our understanding of the immunological mechanisms behind vaccination and achieve rationally designed immunomodulation
Mark A. Segraves, PhD: Systems and cognitive neuroscience
Richard B. Silverman, PhD: Medicinal, bioorganic, and enzyme chemistry
Danielle Tullman-Ercek, PhD: Engineering of membrane proteins and protein membranes
Fred W. Turek, PhD: Sleep and circadian rhythms, seasonal reproductive cycles
Keith E.J. Tyo, PhD: Synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, microbial engineering, systems biology, resource-poor healthcare delivery, biofuels
Vinzenz Unger, PhD: Transport of transition metals; structure and function of membrane associated synaptic scaffolds; methods development for membrane protein crystallization and single particle approaches 
Reza Vafabakhsh, PhD: Development of methods for quantitative hierarchical characterization of synaptic players at different length scales
Xiaozhong (Alec) Wang, PhD: Genetic analysis of protocadherin diversity in the central nervous system
Yun Wang, PhD: Medical and environmental microbiology, aquatic geochemistry
Eric Weiss, PhD: Spatially and temporally coordinated cell growth and cell division
Sadie Wignall, PhD: Spindle assembly and chromosome segregation during cell division
Teresa Woodruff, PhD: Regulation of ovarian follicle growth
Catherine S. Woolley, PhD: Neuroendocrinology; hormonal effects on hippocampal synaptic structure and function