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Marco Gallio

Marco Gallio

Assistant Professor
PhD, Karolinska Institute

Email: marco@northwestern.edu
Phone: (847) 491-8303
Fax: (847) 491-5211
Room: Cook 2129


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Research Interests

 The processing of temperature stimuli in the brain

Temperature affects nearly every biological process, hence it is not surprising that animals evolved sophisticated ways to sense and respond to temperature changes. How are hot and cold stimuli detected at the periphery? How are they processed in the brain? How are they integrated to produce behaviors such as temperature preference or avoidance of noxious extremes? We study the logic of temperature coding using the fruitfly Drosophila, a system ideally suited for a comprehensive genetic and molecular dissection of complex circuits and behaviors.

Selected Publications

Dynamic labelling of neural connections in multiple colours by trans-synaptic fluorescence complementation. Macpherson LJ, Zaharieva EE, Kearney PJ, Alpert MH, Lin T-Y, Turan Z, Lee C-H, and Gallio M. Nature Communications. 2015 December 4;6:10024.

Catching more flies with vinegar. Jouandet GC and Gallio M. eLife. 2015 September 9;4:e10535.

Temperature representation in the Drosophila brain. Frank DD, Jouandet GC, Kearney PJ, Macpherson LJ, and Gallio M. Nature. 2015 March 19;519(7543):358-361.

A Hard-Wired Glutamatergic Circuit Pools and Relays UV Signals to Mediate Spectral Preference in Drosophila. Karuppudurai T, Lin T-Y, Ting C-Y, Pursley R, Melnattur KV, Diao F, White BH, Macpherson LJ, Gallio M, Pohida T, and Lee C-H. Neuron. 2014 February 5;81(3):603-615.

The Coding of Temperature in the Drosophila Brain. Gallio M, Ofstad TA, Macpherson LJ, Wang JW, and Zuker CS. Cell. 2011 February 18;144(4):614-624.

The tyrosine kinase Stitcher activates Grainy head and epidermal wound healing in Drosophila. Wang S, Tsarouhas V, Xylourgidis N, Sabri N, Tiklová K, Nautiyal N, Gallio M, and Samakovlis C. Nature Cell Biology. 2009 July;11(7):890-895.

Vilse, a conserved Rac/Cdc42 GAP mediating Robo repulsion in tracheal cells and axons. Lundström A, Gallio M, Englund C, Steneberg P, Hemphälä J, Aspenström P, Keleman K, Falileeva L, Dickson BJ, and Samakovlis C. Genes & Development. 2004 September 1;18(17):2161-2171.

Rhomboid 3 orchestrates Slit-independent repulsion of tracheal branches at the CNS midline. Gallio M, Englund C, Kylsten P, and Samakovlis C. Development. 2004 August 1;131(15):3605-3614.

A conserved mechanism for extracellular signaling in eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Gallio M, Sturgill G, Rather P, and Kylsten P. PNAS. 2002 September 17;99(19):12208-12213.

Providencia may help find a function for a novel, widespread protein family. Gallio M and Kylsten P. Current Biology. 2000 October 1;10(19):R693-R694.

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