Evan Scott Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

The overall research objectives of the Scott laboratory are to investigate the basic inflammatory and immunological processes contributing to diverse pathologies and to develop targeted therapeutic approaches using engineering- and materials-based strategies.  More specifically, we aim to achieve controlled elicitation or suppression of the immune system via the rational design of delivery systems that target key inflammatory cell populations.  Our expertise in both immunology and bio/nanomaterials science allows us to identify critical unsolved biomedical questions and to use the underlying biology to drive the design of our materials.  Biomimicry is central to our methodology, as we incorporate the size, morphology, biochemical mechanisms and molecular composition of pathogens into our synthetic delivery systems.  Over the last few years, we have focused our efforts on solving fundamental problems in the areas of heart disease, neonatal vaccination and cancer immunosuppression.

Selected Publications

Immunotheranostic Polymersomes Modularly Assembled from Tetrablock and Diblock Copolymers with Oxidation-Responsive Fluorescence. Du F, Liu Y-G, and Scott EA. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. 2017; epub before print.

Toll-like receptor 8 agonist nanoparticles mimic immunomodulating effects of the live BCG vaccine and enhance neonatal innate and adaptive immune responses. Dowling DJ, Scott EA, Scheid A, Bergelson I, Joshi S, Pietrasanta C, Brightman S, Sanchez-Schmitz G, Van Haren SD, Ninkovic J, Kats D, Guiducci C, de Titta A, Bonner DK, Hirosue S, Swartz MA, Hubbell JA, and Levy O. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 2017; epub before print.

Facile assembly and loading of theranostic polymersomes via multi-impingement flash nanoprecipitationAllen S, Osorio O, Liu Y-G, and Scott E. Journal of Controlled Release. 2017 September 28;262:91-103.

Overcoming Immune Dysregulation with Immunoengineered Nanobiomaterials. Scott EA, Karabin NB, and Augsornworawat P. Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering. 2017 June;19:57-84.

Tailoring Nanostructure Morphology for Enhanced Targeting of Dendritic Cells in Atherosclerosis. Yi S, Allen SD, Liu Y-G, Ouyang BZ, Li X, Augsornworawat P, Thorp EB, and Scott EA. ACS Nano. 2016 December 27;10(12):11290-11303.

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