Neda Bagheri Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Research Interests

Computational Systems Biology, Complex Regulatory Networks, Dynamical Systems and Control Theory

Biological function is governed by highly integrated networks that exhibit nonlinear dynamics at all biochemical/molecular, cellular, and organismal levels. We believe that engineering principles can be employed to better understand, predict, and control complex biological functions and that these principles need to be informed by biology.

The Bagheri Lab operates at the evolving interface between engineering and biology, promoting a diverse, creative research environment consisting of engineers and basic scientists that share the common mission of advancing medicine and biology. Through this collective effort, we aim to identify mechanistic principles that underlie complex biological function, and modulate extrinsic factors to optimize therapeutic interventions. Ongoing projects include cancer biology, circadian biology, immunology, cell fate commitment, and organismal biology.

Selected Publications

Multi-class and multi-scale models of complex biological phenomena. Yu JS and Bagheri N. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 2016 June;39:167-173.

The DIONESUS algorithm provides scalable and accurate reconstruction of dynamic phosphoproteomic networks to reveal new drug targets. Ciaccio MF, Chen VC, Jones RB, and Bagheri N. Integrative Biology. 2015 July 1;7:776-791.

Dynamic transcription factor activity profiles reveal key regulatory interactions during megakaryocytic and erythroid differentiation. Duncan MT, Shin S, Wu JJ, Mays Z, Weng S, Bagheri N, Miller WM, and Shea LD. Biotechnology and Bioengineering.2014 October;111(10):2082-2094.

A Systems Approach to Integrative Biology: An Overview of Statistical Methods to Elucidate Association and Architecture. Ciaccio MF, Finkle JD, Xue AY, and Bagheri N. Integrative & Comparative Biology. 2014 July;54(2):296-306.

Polyfunctional responses by human T cells result from sequential release of cytokines. Han Q, Bagheri N, Bradshaw EM, Hafler DA, Lauffenburger DA, and Love JC. PNAS. 2012 January 31;109(5):1607-1612.

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