Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy Assistant Professor of Neurobiology

Research Interests

The long-range goal of our lab is to accelerate the understanding of neuromodulation and plasticity in the vertebrate brain. Our studies will facilitate the development of therapeutic applications, harnessing the power of neuromodulators to functionally reconfigure, and sometimes even literally rewire, neural circuits.

Neuromodulation is biologically complex, requiring a diverse set of tools. We rely on 2-photon imaging and 2-photon neurotransmitter photorelease, whole-cell electrophysiology, electron microscopy, neuroproteomics, opto- and pharmacogenetics, neuroanatomical, transcriptional and behavioral analyses. We also work to develop and refine new optical imaging and synthetic biology techniques.

Selected Publications

Biased Oxytocinergic Modulation of Midbrain Dopamine Systems. Xiao L, Priest MF, Nasenbeny J, Lu T, and Kozorovitskiy Y. Neuron. 2017 July 19;95(2):368-384.e5.

Early hyperactivity and precocious maturation of corticostriatal circuits in Shank3B−/− mice. Peixoto RT, Wang W, Croney DM, Kozorovitskiy Y, and Sabatini BL. Nature Neuroscience. 2016 May;19(5):716-724.

Neuromodulation of excitatory synaptogenesis in striatal developmentKozorovitskiy Y, Peixoto R, Wang W, Saunders A, and Sabatini BL. eLife. 2015 November 9;4:e10111.

A Nanobody-Based System Using Fluorescent Proteins as Scaffolds for Cell-Specific Gene Manipulation. Tang JCY, Szikra T, Kozorovitskiy Y, Teixiera M, Sabatini BL, Roska B, and Cepko CL. Cell. 2013 August 15;154(4):928-939.

Recurrent network activity drives striatal synaptogenesisKozorovitskiy Y, Saunders A, Johnson CA, Lowell BB, and Sabatini BL. Nature. 2012 May 31;485(7400):646-650.

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