Entry Yr
Research Topic
Abdella, Ryan 2014 He Structure-function studies of human mediator in transcription initiation
Agbu, Pamela 2012 Carthew A role for microRNA miR-7 in insulin regulation
Agha, Moneeza 2016 McLean
Allen, Sean 2013 Scott Development of polymeric nanoparticles for the characterization of immune cell populations present in developing atheroma
Almassalha, Luay 2012 Backman/Szleifer Epigenetic roles of macromolecular crowding
Au Yeung, Weng Si (Nancy) 2009 Horvath Transcriptional regulation of interferon-stimulated genes
Bakker, Rachael 2013 Carthew Effects of miRNA regulation on gene expression heterogeneity in dynamic developmental networks
Berman, Katherine 2015 Lucks
Biggs, Ronald 2014 Marko Understanding the function of SMC complexes, topoisomerase II and histone post-translational modifications in controlling the structure and mechanics of mitotic chromosomes
Bonar, Nicolle 2013 Petersen Investigating the role of integrin signalling in planarian regeneration
Brady, Shannon 2014 Andersen Identification of the genes underlying variation in responses to bleomycin
Buechel, Evan 2015 Pinkett Investigation of the molecular mechanism regulating Pdr1 transcriptional activity
Buitrago Delgado, Elsy 2010 LaBonne Functional insights into the neural crest gene regulatory network
Chan, Clarence 2010 Mondragón Structural studies of ribonuclease P substrate specificity
Chen, Siyu 2016 He
Chen, WeiTing 2014 Lackner Investigating the mechanism of Mmr1-dependent mitochondrial inheritance
Cheng, Luyi 2016 Lucks
Chou, Liyushang 2016 Mirkin
Church, Victoria 2008 Carthew Mechanism of miRNA silencing
Contreras, Ely 2015 Schmidt
Cook, Daniel 2013 Andersen Characterization of genome-wide variation in C. elegans and its association with telomere length and longevity
Coughlin, Emma 2014 Odom Exploring androgen resistance in prostate cancer
Daffern, Nicolas 2015 Radhakrishnan Dynamics and evolution in the NR5A sub-family of nuclear receptors
d'Aquino, Anne 2014 Jewett Characterizing the E. coli 70S ribosomal peptidyl transferase center interactions to enable expanded backbone non-canonical amino acid incorporation
Davis-Roca, Amanda 2012 Wignall Biochemical characterization of a protein complex required for meiotic chromosome congression and segregation
de Paz, Alexandra 2012 Tyo An investigation of environmental, sequence-based, and structural determinants of DNA polymerase fidelity
Des Soye, Benjamin 2012 Jewett Engineering prokaryotic translation for artificial metalloenzyme synthesis and evolution
Ding, Yujia 2015 Bao
Divekar, Nikita 2015 Wignall
Donahue, Patrick 2015 Leonard Enabling cell based therapy through an investigation of myeloid cell environmental signal processing
Dorsey, Bryan 2011 Mondragón Structural studies of a CRISPR complex
Doubleday, Peter 2014 Kelleher Elucidating protein-level mechanisms of metabolic reprogramming in oncogene-induced senescence
Dumrongprechachan, Vasin 2015 Kozorovitskiy/Kelleher Genetically-targeted neuroproteomics of striatal neuromodulation
Eder, Bryan 2015 Carthew
Evans, Kathryn 2015 Andersen Identification of genetic variation that underlies responses to docetaxel and zinc treatment in C. elegans
Feliciano, Timothy 2015 Odom/Jewett Gold nanostars for the targeted treatment of cutaneous and soft-tissue Staphylococcus aureus infections
Ferrer, Jennifer 2012 Mirkin/Wertheim Development of a dual-targeting liposomal spherical nucleic acid for treatment of liver fibrosis
Finkle, Justin 2012 Bagheri Identifying the topological tradeoffs between robustness and efficiency in cell signaling systems
Frey, Molly 2016 Scott
Gallagher, Kevin 2015 Carthew Morphology directed fate specification during the retinal patterning of Drosophila melanogaster
Geary, Lauren 2011 LaBonne Regulation of neural crest development by ETS family transcription factors and FGF signaling
Gilbert, Natalie 2015 Horvath
Giri, Ritika 2011 Carthew Quantitative profiling of microRNA
Gittin, David 2015 Petersen
Heath, Carissa 2012 Wignall Investigating acentrosomal meiotic spindle organization and chromosome dynamics in mammalian oocytes
Ho, Patric 2016
Huang, Xiaoxiao 2012 Kelleher/Licht Characterizing a potential cancer-driving mutation in the epigenetic regulator MMSET
Hubbard, Nisan 2012 Mayo The role of notch signaling during follicle assembly and growth in the mammalian ovary
Jacobs, Miranda 2016
Ji, Yanrong 2016
Johnson, Kristin 2015 LaBonne Role of DNA and histone methylation in the maintenance of pluripotency
Jouandet, Jenna 2011 Gallio Neural substrates of decision making in Drosophila melanogaster
Karge, Alexander 2013 Petersen Determining the function of bruton's tyrosine kinase in controlling cell number in planarian regeneration
Kats, Dina 2013 Scott Delivery of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis lipid antigens for CD1 restricted T cell vaccination
Kennedy, Nolan 2016 Tullman-Ercek
Kenney, Grace 2009 Rosenzweig Methanobactin: a novel chalkophore and its implications for copper regulation in bacteria
Koo, Christopher 2015 Rosenzweig Heterologous approaches to the characterization of particulate methane monooxygenase
Kraft, Lauren 2013 Lackner Understanding Num1's role in mitochondrial tethering and nuclear inheritance
Larkin, Isaac 2014 Mirkin Delivering CRISPR to understand SNAs
Lenoir, Jessica 2014 Horvath Negative regulation of TRAF proteins by the immune regulator LGP2
Liauw, Brandon 2016
Liu, Jeffrey 2012 Shea Using immunomodulatory biomaterial scaffolds to create an in situ Treg induction environment for islet transplantation
Lloyd, Sarah 2016 Bao
Lucas, Jasmine 2014 Schmidt The properties and roles of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells during retinal development
Mandhana, Roli 2010 Horvath Characterization of novel virus-inducible RNAs
Marcum, Ryan 2012 Radhakrishnan Assembly of the Sin3L histone deacetylase complex
McFarland, Alexander 2016 Hartmann
McSharry, Saoirse 2013 Beitel Elucidating the role(s) of the Yorkie/DIAP1/drIce pathway in epithelial tube size control using the D. melanogaster tracheal system
Mendoza, Adelita 2011 O'Halloran Investigations into the role of zinc regulation in germline development in Caenorhabditis elegans
Morochnik, Simona 2014 Ameer/Szleifer An injectable, bioactive material for osteoporotic bone regeneration
Muldoon, Joseph 2013 Bagheri/Leonard Model-guided rewiring of innate functions in immune cell populations
Mullen, Timothy 2012 Wignall Investigating the mechanisms of acentrosomal meiotic spindle assembly in C. elegans
Park, Jungsoo 2015 Mirkin
Parker, Benjamin 2013 Weiss The structural and functional basis of specificity in Mob-family kinase activators
Prasasya, Rexxi 2011 Mayo Notch signaling in coordinating growth and maturation of the mouse ovarian follicle
Rao, Anjali 2012 LaBonne Role and regulation of Snail family transcription factors in the maintenance of stem cell attributes
Reeder, Amy 2015 Bao
Reyes, Alexis 2015 He
Rigney, Sara 2016 LaBonne
Ro, Soo 2013 Rosenzweig A genetic approach to particulate methane monooxygenase
Roberts, Kaleigh 2013 Meade Cobalt(III) Schiff base complexes as inhibitors of metal-mediated amyloid-β toxicity in Alzheimer's disease
Robey, Matthew 2015 Kelleher Largescale characterization of fungal secondary metabolites and their biosynthetic pathways
Ross, Matthew 2014 Rosenzweig/Hoffman Advanced spectroscopic and biochemical characterization of integral membrane metalloproteins
Schad, Erik 2012 Petersen Identification of a niche regulating planarian pluripotent adult stem cells
Schamber, Michael 2016 Vafabakhsh
Schmit, Heidi 2015 Lackner Investigating the role of mitochondria and altered cytoplasmic dynamics in the asymmetric retention of heat shock aggregates
Seeler, John 2015 O'Halloran
Sepúlveda, Nicholas 2016
Shams, Daniel 2014 Schwab/Kelleher The effects of individual behavior on collective systems
Soczek, Katarzyna 2011 Mondragón Elucidation of mechanistic details from structural studies of DNA gyrase
Sood, Varun 2008 Brickner/Widom Understanding the mechanisms that control directionality of transcription factor mediated activation at promoters in S.cerevisiae
Stainbrook, Sarah 2013 Tyo Determining the mechanistic basis for incomplete penetrance of activation in a yeast G-protein coupled receptor
Sue, Aaron 2012 O'Halloran Characterizing zinc distribution and regulation in the C. elegans reproductive system
Sumner, Michael 2015 Brickner
Sump, Bethany 2016
Tanaka, Kari 2010 Pinkett Controlling drug resistance: functional and structural studies of Pdr1 and Pdr3
Toby, Timothy 2013 Kelleher Investigating changes to the ALL proteome due to MMSET mutation
Torre-Santiago, Keila 2010 Wignall Understanding chromosome and spindle dynamics in C. elegans oocyte meiosis
Unlü, Irem 2011 X. Wang Applying the CRISPR pathway to eukaryotic genomes
Verosloff, Matthew 2015 Lucks
Vincent, Michael 2016 Tullman-Ercek
Voong, Lilien 2011 X. Wang A chemical biology approach to investigating the pluripotent nucleosome landscape in mouse embryonic stem cells
Wang, Shuya 2014 Mirkin/Zhang Spherical nucleic acids as immunotherapeutic agents for prostate cancer
White, Antoineen 2015 Lackner Functional characterization of novel proteins involved in membrane trafficking
Wodarcyk (Bauer), Greta 2013 Backman Effects of SIRT1 and SIRT7 on the dynamics of chromatin remodeling and transcriptional activity
Wolff, Ian 2013 Wignall Characterization of Kinesin-12/KLP-18 activity essential for acentrosomal meiotic spindle assembly in C. elegans
Wu, Jia 2012 Bagheri/Miller Transcription factor profiles and regulatory networks in human megakaryocytes
Xu, Fangke 2011 Allada Identification of circadian rhythm's effect on neurodegeneration in a Drosophila Huntington's disease model
Yamankurt, Gokay 2013 Mirkin/Carthew  Determination of the biological interactions of spherical nucleic acids that lead to gene knockdown
Yang, Ran 2013 Beitel Understanding tracheal cell growth control using genetics, imaging, and computational analysis
Zdraljevic, Stefan 2013 Andersen Determining the mechanisms by which natural genetic variation in caenorhabditis elegans contribute to phenotypic variability in response to topoisomerase II poisons