IBIS Student Organization

IBiS students come from diverse backgrounds, participate in unique combinations of rotations and interdisciplinary coursework, and carry out thesis work on fundamental problems in the life and biomedical sciences using a broad range of interdisciplinary cutting-edge approaches. The IBiS Student Organization (ISO) provides a forum through which IBiS students can learn from one another, and benefit from each other's expertise, throughout their PhD studies and beyond. The ISO sponsors a Graduate Student Seminar series that allows students to present their thesis research in an informal "work in progress" format without faculty present, in order to get input and feedback from their peers. The ISO also sponsors regular social events to promote interactions outside the lab, not only among IBiS students, but also graduate students and faculty from other departments. DRiLS, an annual role model lecture series also sponsored by the ISO, brings to campus scientists who are not only distinguished for their research but also for their success as mentors. DRiLS lecturers spend a day on campus for both formal and informal interactions with students. Additional student-invited seminar speakers are hosted each academic year through the Molecular Biosciences seminar series.

Another important function of the ISO is to give students a voice in academic and political issues that impact them and their research. Student representatives sit on committees at all levels of the IBiS program and provide input and feedback on the faculty search process, tenure process, and other academic issues. Student opinions are solicited on a broad range of topics and are valued by the program. The ISO holds general meetings open to all students, and encourages everyone to bring ideas to that forum, or discuss them with others so that they can be pursued.