Jason H. Brickner Cell biology of transcription

Research Interests

The genome is spatially organized within the nucleus. The position of individual genes is dynamically regulated and impacts their expression.

The Brickner lab studies the molecular mechanisms that control gene positioning in budding yeast and human cells.  Current work in the lab is focused on three areas: 1) defining the molecular mechanisms by which transcription factors target genes to different subnuclear environments, 2) how gene positioning is integrated with interchromosomal clustering to influence the spatial organization of the genome as a whole and 3) exploring how gene positioning impacts chromatin structure, transcription and epigenetic regulation.  We employ molecular genetics, biochemistry, live cell microscopy and genomics to address these questions.

Selected Publications

Genetic and Epigenetic Strategies Potentiate Gal4 Activation to Enhance Fitness in Recently Diverged Yeast SpeciesSood V and Brickner JH. Current Biology. 2017 December 4;27(23):3591-3602.e3.

Epigenetic Transcriptional Memory of GAL Genes Depends on Growth in Glucose and the Tup1 Transcription Factor in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSood V, Cajigas I, D'Urso A, Light WH, and Brickner JH. Genetics. 2017 August 1;206(4):1895-1907.

The dynamic three-dimensional organization of the diploid yeast genome. Kim S, Liachko I, Brickner DG, Cook K, Noble WS, Brickner JH, Shendure J, Dunham MJ. eLife. 2017 May 24;6:e23623.

Genetic and epigenetic control of the spatial organization of the genome. Brickner J. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2017 February 1;28(3):364-369.

Subnuclear positioning and interchromosomal clustering of the GAL1-10 locus are controlled by separable, interdependent mechanisms. Brickner DG, Sood V, Tutucci E, Coukos R, Viets K, Singer RH, and Brickner JH. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2016 October 1;27(19):2980-2993.

Set1/COMPASS and Mediator are repurposed to promote epigenetic transcriptional memoryD'Urso A, Takahashi Y-H, Xiong B, Marone J, Coukos R, Randise-Hinchliff C, Wang J-P, Shilatifard A, and Brickner JH. eLife. 2016 June 23;5:e16691.

Strategies to regulate transcription factor–mediated gene positioning and interchromosomal clustering at the nuclear peripheryRandise-Hinchliff C, Coukos R, Sood V, Sumner MC, Zdraljevic S, Meldi Sholl L, Brickner DG, Ahmed S, Watchmaker L, and Brickner JH. Journal of Cell Biology. 2016 March 14;212(6):633-646.

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