Richard Carthew Quantitative and systems biology

Research Interests

Our group studies how complex cell and tissue behaviors are elicited within the context of the organism. We work as experimentalists, teaming up with theorists in applied mathematics, physics, and engineering, to apply systematic and quantitative approaches to biological problems. Gene regulation is of particular interest, and we have a long-standing interest in why non-coding RNAs regulate gene expression.

The irreversible transition of cells to a differentiated state is a continual process throughout life. Although the signaling and regulatory molecules required for many differentiation processes are known, they alone do not explain this emergent property of animal cells. We apply quantitative methods to the problem, and consider all manner of cues received by cells, including those of a biochemical or mechanical nature.

Selected Publications

Microprocessor Recruitment to Elongating RNA Polymerase II Is Required for Differential Expression of MicroRNAs. Church VA, Pressman S, Isaji M, Truscott M, Cizmecioglu NT, Buratowski S, Frolov MV, and Carthew RW. Cell Reports. 2017 September 26;20(13):3123-3134.

MicroRNAs Make a Difference in Cardiovascular Robustness. Bakker R and Carthew RW. Developmental Cell. 2017 March 27;40(6):515-516.

Dynamics and heterogeneity of a fate determinant during transition towards cell differentiationPeláez N, Gavalda-Miralles A, Wang B, Navarro HT, Gudjonson H, Rebay I, Dinner AR, Katsaggelos AK, Amaral LAN, and Carthew RW. eLife. 2015 November 19;4:e08924.

miR-9a Minimizes the Phenotypic Impact of Genomic Diversity by Buffering a Transcription FactorCassidy JJ, Jha AR, Posadas DM, Giri R, Venken KJT, Ji J, Jiang H, Bellen HJ, White KP, and Carthew RW. Cell. 2013 December 19;155(7):1556-1567.

Functional Specialization of the Small Interfering RNA Pathway in Response to Virus Infection. Marques JT, Wang J-P, Wang X, de Oliveira KPV, Gao C, Aguiar ERGR, Jafari N, and Carthew RW. PLoS Pathogens. 2013 August 29;9(8):e1003579.

Biological Robustness and the Role of MicroRNAs: A Network Perspective. Peláez N and Carthew RW. Current Topics in Developmental Biology. 2012;99:237-255.

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