Robert A. Holmgren Cell-fate specification during development

Research Interests

In our research we study how cells in a developing organism signal to one another to pattern tissues.  We primarily use Drosophila as a model system and study the role of the Hedgehog signal transduction cascade in the patterning of the wing.  We are particularly interested in how the range of Hedgehog signaling is regulated, how different modes of regulation lead to robust, reproducible outcomes, and how Hedgehog signaling is integrated with other cellular processes.  Our approach is to identify new components in the pathway using various genetic interaction screens and to then characterize the function of the encoded proteins.

Selected Publications

Dose-dependent transduction of Hedgehog relies on phosphorylation-based feedback between the G-protein-coupled receptor Smoothened and the kinase Fused. Sanial M, Bécam I, Hofmann L, Behague J, Argüelles C, Gourhand V, Bruzzone L, Holmgren RA, and Plessis A. Development. 2017 May 15;144(10):1841-1850.

Control of the dynamics and homeostasis of the Drosophila Hedgehog receptor Patched by two C2-WW-HECT-E3 Ubiquitin ligases. Brigui A, Hofmann L, Argüelles C, Sanial M, Holmgren RA, and Plessis A. Open Biology. 2015 October 7;5:150112.

Chemical map of Schizosaccharomyces pombe reveals species-specific features in nucleosome positioningMoyle-Heyrman G, Zaichuk T, Xi L, Zhang Q, Uhlenbeck OC, Holmgren R, Widom J, and Wang, J-P. PNAS. 2013 December 10;110(50):20158-20163.

Specific Inhibition of the Transcription Factor Ci by a Cobalt(III) Schiff Base-DNA ConjugateHurtado RR, Harney AS, Heffern MC, Holbrook RJ, Holmgren RA, and Meade TJ. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2012 February 6;9(2):325-333.

A Three-part Signal Governs Differential Processing of Gli1 and Gli3 Proteins by the ProteasomeSchrader EK, Harstad KG, Holmgren RA, and Matouschek A. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2011 November 11;286(45):39051-39058.

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