Evan Scott Biomimetic nanomaterials for vaccination and immunotherapy

Research Interests

The overall research objectives of the Scott laboratory are to investigate the basic inflammatory and immunological processes contributing to diverse pathologies and to develop targeted therapeutic approaches using engineering- and materials-based strategies.  More specifically, we aim to achieve controlled elicitation or suppression of the immune system via the rational design of delivery systems that target key inflammatory cell populations.  Our expertise in both immunology and bio/nanomaterials science allows us to identify critical unsolved biomedical questions and to use the underlying biology to drive the design of our materials.  Biomimicry is central to our methodology, as we incorporate the size, morphology, biochemical mechanisms and molecular composition of pathogens into our synthetic delivery systems.  Over the last few years, we have focused our efforts on solving fundamental problems in the areas of heart disease, neonatal vaccination and cancer immunosuppression.

Selected Publications

Surface Engineered Polymersomes for Enhanced Modulation of Dendritic Cells During Cardiovascular Immunotherapy. Yi S, Zhang X, Sangji MH, Liu Y, Allen SD, Xiao B, Bobbala S, Braverman CL, Cai L, Hecker PI, DeBerge M, Thorp EB, Temel RE, Stupp SI, and Scott EA. Advanced Functional Materials. 2019 August 12:epub before print.

Celastrol-loaded PEG-b-PPS nanocarriers as an anti-inflammatory treatment for atherosclerosis. Allen SD, Liu Y-G, Kim T, Bobbala S, Yi S, Zhang X, Choi J, and Scott EA. Biomaterials Science. 2019 February 1;7(2):657-668.

Induction of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Lipid-Specific T Cell Responses by Pulmonary Delivery of Mycolic Acid-Loaded Polymeric Micellar Nanocarriers. Shang S, Kats D, Cao L, Morgun E, Velluto D, He Y, Xu Q, Wang C-R, and Scott EA. Frontiers in Immunology. 2018 November 27;9:2709.

Polymersomes scalably fabricated via flash nanoprecipitation are non-toxic in non-human primates and associate with leukocytes in the spleen and kidney following intravenous administration. Allen SD, Liu Y-G, Bobbala S, Cai L, Hecker PI, Temel R, and Scott EA. Nano Research. 2018 October;11(10):5689-5703.

Flash nanoprecipitation permits versatile assembly and loading of polymeric bicontinuous cubic nanospheres. Bobbala S, Allen SD, and Scott EA. Nanoscale. 2018 March 21;10(11):5078-5088.

Sustained micellar delivery via inducible transitions in nanostructure morphology. Karabin NB, Allen S, Kwon H-K, Bobbala S, Firlar E, Shokuhfar T, Shull KR, and Scott EA. Nature Communications. 2018 February 12;9:624.

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